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X5 is the latest generation web server from iMatix Corporation. The Xitami product line stretches back to 1996. X5 is built using iMatix's current Base2 technology for multithreading applications. On multicore machines, it is much more scalable than Xitami/2. See Wikipedia article on Xitami.



  • X5 Binaries For Windows (February 18, 2009) iMatix publishes the first binaries of X5, its relaunched Xitami webserver, and launches a new website. (+0 "2")

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Email lists

  • The Xitami developer's group is a mailing list for discussing Xitami development issues. To subscribe, email gro.imatix.stsil|tseuqer-ved-imatix#gro.imatix.stsil|tseuqer-ved-imatix with: subscribe xitami-dev.
  • The Xitami user group is a mailing list for discussion about installing and using Xitami. To subscribe, email gro.imatix.stsil|tseuqer-imatix#gro.imatix.stsil|tseuqer-imatix with : subscribe xitami.

Recent comments

Linux and the BSDs
(by dementedgimp 05 Sep 2016 03:06, posts: 2)
Does X5 compatible with windows 7 ?
(by ron joe 07 Mar 2016 06:25, posts: 2)
We don't have binaries to distribute, sorry. No guarantees, but this link may be valid:...
(by pieterh 31 Dec 2015 17:54, posts: 5)
I'd like to find a copy of version 2.x so I can run CGI. Links on this website are gone. Is it...
(by shawnsbrain66 31 Dec 2015 17:46, posts: 5)
I'm trying to run EXE's for CGI. When I try, the EXE is downloaded instead of ran. Is there a...
(by shawnsbrain66 31 Dec 2015 17:27, posts: 1)
Hi, I'm new here and I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask… I wanted to know if Xitami a...
(by paiton 20 Dec 2010 13:43, posts: 4)
X5 does not run CGI, you won't be able to migrate from 2.x to X5. Sorry.
(by pieterh 27 Oct 2010 14:52, posts: 5)
How to configure X5 to run CGI? I´m trying to migrate from 2.x to x5 and i´m lost
(by drausio 27 Oct 2010 14:43, posts: 5)
It’s hard to argue with the performance of a Callaway iron. Their slogan, 'A better game by d...
(by soleadd13 31 May 2010 08:54, posts: 4)
I've endorsed xitami since 1999, using it for all of my customers, and including it also in our...
(by maxsis 07 Mar 2010 18:08, posts: 4)

Open issues

5 - Add support for SSL: This issue is a request for SSL/TLS support in Xitami. (19 Feb 2009 13:38) (+0 "0")

4 - Add support for LRWP: This issue is a request for LRWP support in Xitami. (19 Feb 2009 13:37) (+0 "0")

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Wiki pages

Virtual Hosting: A short article on virtual hosting (multihomed domains) in X5. (04 May 2009 08:09)

Directory Lists: How to configure X5 to show directory lists. (04 May 2009 07:38)

2.5 Patches: This page lists various patches for Xitami 2.5. (28 Apr 2009 11:45)

Access Logs: Xitami/5 generates access logs in the standard Apache format as well as custom formats. (18 Feb 2009 13:44)

Feature Requests: Main features request for Xitami/5, taken from Xitami list discussion (18 Feb 2009 13:43)

Security and Access Control: A web server is only as good as its security. (18 Feb 2009 13:43)

Summary of Features: Xitami/5 is a simple web server which focuses on security and ease of use. These are the key features explained in this document: (18 Feb 2009 13:42)


Xitami/2 was the #1 server in 1998. These are some of the awards Xitami won from web sites:

  • #1 in "Top 10 Web Servers"
  • Hall of Fame 1998
  • Hall of Fame 1999
  • ZDNet Editors' Pick
  • Dave Central's Best of Linux Award 1999

iMatix no longer supports Xitami/2.x but you can still get the source code, binaries, and documentation: