X5 Binaries For Windows

(February 18, 2009) iMatix publishes the first binaries of X5, its relaunched Xitami webserver, and launches a new website.

The new X5 binaries - version 5.0a0 - are now online at www.xitami.com. The www.xitami.com site also has a new look, and will form the basis of the X5 community, with space for bug reports, wiki pages, news, and discussions.

The old Xitami/2 site is at http://legacy.xitami.com, and it's running on X5. X5 contributor Pieter Hintjens explains: "it was pretty simple. We took a snapshot of the old site, then threw up a virtual server, and put the new X5 binary on that. Installing X5 is really simple: put the xitami executable on your path, period. We put the old xitami.com website into a new 'webpages' directory, started xitami, and waited for the DNS to refresh. So you can see how fast X5 is."

Hintjens explains the priorities for the new X5 project: "SSL security, then LRWP support. After that, anyone who wants a new feature can request it via the issue tracker. We're going to keep X5 small, fast, and lean. If you want a fat server, take Apache. Oh, and since X5 is based on plugins, anyone interested in developing a plugin, drop me a line!"


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